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We offer a wide variety of financial planning services, tax planning, retirement planning and more for clients in Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham and Troy MI and the surrounding areas. Call 248-737-0529.

Financial PlanningFinancial Management

At Meridian Advisory Services, LLC we will create a financial plan specifically for you with recommendations designed to help you stay on track in order to reach your lifetime goals. All managed by our professional staff.
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Cash Management Services

As an option Meridian Advisory Services, LLC offers full cash management services provided by Fidelity Investments. In addition to our other services clients can utilize the benefits of a consolidated cash management account with access to online checking/savings debit, credit cards and money market accounts. All managed by our professional staff.
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Portfolio Management

We also provide investment planning and portfolio risk management services. We offer strategic advice and innovative solutions depending on your unique financial situation. Our clients portfolios are based on their individual risk tolerance. We chose the best investment options that fit their partners and properly build diversified asset allocated portfolios that are evaluated against industry benchmarks. These portfolio investments are chosen to match the clients objectives and tested versus the efficient frontier methodology. Our unique Meridian Asset Allocation and Security Selection technique has been market proven to yield optimal results.
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Education Planning

Do you need help planning on education expenses? We can help determine how much you will need to save for college and develop a strategy that will help achieve these financial goals. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the highest quality, professional services to ensure your complete satisfaction.
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Tax PlanningInvestment

Do you need help planning for your taxes? We will analyze your unique financial situation and develop a plan that will help to make sure you are as tax-efficient as possible. We will also develop a strategy to legally and successfully reduce your tax liability. Our professional staff has the experience and knowledge to help with any financial situation.
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Retirement PlanningRetirement

Are you wondering when you can retire? We can help. If you are in retirement we can help design a monthly plan that allows you to maximize your income. Our experienced professionals will work with you to determine the correct savings and investment path for you to make sure you have enough savings to enjoy retirement. We will set up and manage a retirement portfolio that can help you achieve your goals.
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